Hello guys! Long time no see huh? But finally after months and months I decided to come back and blog like I used to when I first started. At least, I’ll try. So here I am on IAB with a new category: Fashion/Events. It’s from this perspective that I’m writing about the MET GALA ’16.

With a different theme every year and hosted by VOGUE in New York City, this event is like the “Oscars of Fashion” This year’s MET theme was:

“Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.”

The exhibition was focused on the dichotomy between handmade haute couture and machine-made fashion. Great idea but what about the guests? Did they really understood the theme? Here’s what we saw at the MET this year and my opinion on some outfits.


    As we all know, Kim & Kanye West have won the best dressed couple award and I think they totally deserved it. Kim’s Balmain dress was beautiful and respected the theme perfectly. Even tho I’m not a big fan of this trend, I have to admit that the fact that she bleached her eyebrows gave her a more ‘future’ look and was a good idea. Let’s talk about Kanye now. He was clearly different from the others but yet cute and his contact lenses added more to his look.


Even tho the West couple was really handsome, the Hadid sisters, in my opinion steal the show for themselves with their (perfect) boyfriend. Bella Hadid looked literally bomb in her black Givenchy dress just like Gigi in her elegant Tommy Hilfiger outfit. But let’s not forget about Zayn Malik who decided to really stick to the ‘technology’ theme and wear metal plates, by Versace, over his classic tuxedo. Personally I loved this idea!





Kate Hudson looked stunning as she graced the red carpet for the 2016 MET Gala in her Atelier Versace dress. And how perfect looks Amber Heard? When she arrived at the Gala, she was glowing in her rose gold Ralph Lauren dress.


I like to keep the best for last. So here it is. I think we CANNOT talk about the 2016 MET Gala without mentioning Claire Danes’ breathtaking dress. When walking the red carpet, the dress looked like a typical princess dress, but when she entered the Gala where it was a whole lot darker, her LED dress lit up and shimmered. She was pure perfection. That’s my favorite dress ever! Congrats to Zac Posen, this is truly beautiful.

To finish this article I would say that my little deception was Blake Lively. Her dress was nice but I think she didn’t respect the theme. She was cute but kinda basic: it was a huge deja vu in my opinion. Anyway, I hope you liked my ‘come back’ post. What was your favorite outfit this year?

+ New post coming very soon! – FRJB. ♡



Happy New Year everyone! May the new year bring joy, peace and happiness to you and you entire family. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you 52 weeks of Fun, 365 days of Success, 8760 hours of Good Health and 525 600 minutes of Good Luck.

So it’s been a very long time since I haven’t post but why not start the year right with a little poem? The other day, a friend of mine sent me this asking me to share it on my blog. She wants to stay anonymous but I think you really should take the time to appreciate her work. It’s truly beautiful. Sad but beautiful. Enjoy!

Surprise, surprise.
You don’t love me anymore, and I still do.
Funny how my heart didn’t even skip a beat when you told me, seeing how I wasn’t expecting much of you, seeing how you’d always said we’d end badly.
But why? Why did you have to wind me up like that? For your own little happiness, I presume.
I’m sorry I held on to all the words you said, I’m sorry for believing them. Though I’m not sorry for falling in love, not for doing it with you.
I can now only hope that my love fades as yours did. I can only hope that I stop dreaming about your insecurities as you did. I can only hope that all that stopped for you, stops for me.
One day I will get mad at you for this, I’ll ask you why I wasn’t enough, I’ll plead you to make me forget, I’ll plead you to make the pain stop, I’ll even plead you to try to love me again.
Don’t you feel bad that I won’t love someone else in a while, or that when I do, I’ll doubt him and put him through hell in a matter much worse than I might’ve done to you. Don’t feel bad that unlike you, all the words I had said and all the promises I’d made, didn’t change.
Why should you feel bad? I’d told you them from the start, and you’d always known what you were doing.
But for now, I’m crying and laughing.
I am honored to have been loved by you, I’m honored that at least my heart was broken by someone who makes it seem like it’s less than it is.
I’m comfortable with you being the one I first gave my heart to, even comfortable with you being the one who broke all his promises. Broken trust and broken promises yet here I am, still longing for you. No, not in the way you no longer do, but in the matter in which you do.
I have a favor to ask you, I believe it’s the least you could do. You broke my heart, so could you help me mend it?
And please, oh pretty please, hold on to me being your bestfriend, please don’t be ashamed of what you’ve done and get away from me, because that would only cut me a new one.
Remember, forever bestfriends and not forever lovers?
I love you, I love you not because you loved me, I just loved you. That must be why I’m not taking it so badly.
But I’d ask for one last kiss, one last look, one last “I love you” just for my own selfish bliss, need and closure.
I’d ask for that, but if I asked for that, I would have to ask for you to love me again, seeing how I’d be being selfish. But it isn’t fair to you, you don’t love me, maybe you never truly did, so why should I chastise you for it? Though I have the right at the moment, that doesn’t make it right.
So here it is, the part that had always made me afraid, that had made me afraid of you, but guess what? I’m still standing, I’m still alive!
I thank you. So much. For letting me see what love is; for giving me, even if it wasn’t for long, what you did. I thank you for all that you made me feel, I thank you for it all.
Truth is, I was finally okay with falling in love with you because I was okay with you not catching me, and right now, even though my emotions are scattered, I still am.
But I kinda want to, I want to hate you for all of it, I want to yell at you for everything, I want to be furious at you and deem you as nothing. I want to do what some other girls do when their heart breaks, I want to explode in your face so you can see how bad I have it. But you already know how bad I have it, you already know it all.
So I’ll ignore the little voice in my head that keeps nagging at me to believe that this isn’t over, because as I see, it is.
So let me say this one last time: I am madly and severely in love with you. I love you. And I miss you immensily.
And I don’t want nor need a response to it, I don’t want nor need all the sweet words or anything that isn’t true and sincere anymore.
I always wondered what I’d write when I had my heart broken, so here it is. I’m already getting used to it, it seems.
This is the closure I give to myself, as you didn’t give me any.
So again, thank you for having been, thank you for it all. Just know that between it all, a “fuck you” probably lies.
And I hope, I truly hope, that this is more or less clear. That this more or less shows us how many parts you broke it into, that this more or less will make it easier.
Easier for all of this to be put behind; hoping that all that wasn’t and all that was, is for the best. It’ll always be for the best, I guess.



Hello guys! Today it’s August 28. You know what that means? Yes, summer is almost over and already over for some of us. Yes, sadly it’s time to say goodbye to the beach, to the parties till the sun comes up and the hardest part: the lazy mornings. SUMMER 2K15 IS GONE! Am I the only one who have the impression that this summer has gone too fast? I feel like yesterday litterally I was doing my chemistry exam and in few weeks, I’ll have to wake up early to go to school. What’s life?! Anyways…

Today it’s August 28 and I’m in New York since 12 days I think, trying to enjoy the last moments of summer and I thought, why not take some photos to show you? So these are the pictures that I took in ONE day: in New York and Manhattan. More are coming for sure but I couldn’t wait to write a post. So here’s some pictures of the concrete jungle where nothing is impossible.

image  imageimage


image image

image  image

“I want to wake up in a city
That doesn’t sleep
And find I’m king of the hill
Top of the heap

If I can make it there
I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you
New York, New York.”

Not so fun fact: As you can see I’m not on the pictures just because I wanted to use a selfie stick for that. So when I was in Manhattan, I saw this guy who was selling a tons of things like NY shirts, souvenirs, sunglasses and selfie sticks… Of course I went to see him to buy one. First, this guy was African or I don’t know so when I told him I wanted a green one he didn’t seem to understand and continued to insist and asking me: “WHAT COLOR DO YOU WANT????” When we finally agreed on the color, he took me phone to install the selfie stick even though I told him I’ll do it myself. Long story short: It’s more difficult to install this thing on a samsung rather than an iPhone. So he had to go on my camera’s settings, change a bunch of things etc… Seeing that he couldn’t do anything to make it work, I left and ended up with a phone that couldn’t take pictures anymore, a total different time and date, no way to use my whatsapp and still NO selfie stick. So yeah that was my little adventure!

xxoxo, see you very soon guys! – FRJB. ♡


Yes, we all know people like that! Those who appear in our lives for no reason, those who came, start asking embarrassing questions and have no barriers. They are everywhere around us. Waiting for the slightest mistake, the slightest secret to bring us down. Sometimes, they start going a little too far, their questions become more and more personal but what can we do? Ask them to shut up? Whether we like it or not, we have to deal with it…

I remember that day when I was out with some friends. I was the first one who arrived where we were supposed to meet so while I was waiting for the other ones I was checking my instagram, liking some pictures here and there. I guess I looked like a loner or I don’t know because there was this guy sitting a few tables away: I didn’t really know him, we didn’t even say hi when I walked in just because we were acquaintances or less than that if it’s possible. Before I had the time to remember his name, the boy was already taking a chair to sit in front of me. We started talking and it was so nice that I forgot that I was supposed to be with my friends and not with him. How could I know that this boy would make me feel bad about myself right after that?

“I thought you were still in France! Or just not in Haiti? Why are you back? You were bored over there? Do you still have friends here? ” Here’s how my hell began. I didn’t even have the time to answer that the guy continued his interrogation. “By the way do you have a boyfriend? I never saw you with a guy! You’re so shy and you don’t like to go out so how do you meet people? I was really surprised to see you here.” At first, I was shocked. Yes, shocked to see how quickly he was asking his questions, even though I don’t think the exact name was “questions” since he didn’t give me the opportunity to say a word. So there I was, quietly looking at my phone to check my messages while this guy was giving his opinion about my  life. As if he hadn’t done enough damage he continued: “If you keep this up you’ll end up all alone. Seriously I don’t get it. You’re so weird man.” – he said with a smirk. I felt embarrassed, no words could come out of my mouth, I was like FREEZ and I had this face that was begging him to stop torturing me… After all his stupid and embarrassing questions, he had to go so he put the chair where it was and had the nerve to say: “See you soon! It was fun talking to you.”

While I was eating with my friends, I couldn’t do anything but think about what that boy told me and it didn’t stop when I went home: I wanted to know what was wrong with me. After all, maybe he was right. Or maybe he wasn’t… Let me explain: most of the time we think we are the ones who have a problem but maybe the problem is our society! Whether we like it or not, certain people will take a particular interest in our lives. It’s like we need their permission to live as we want. But guys, WE ARE society. No, I’m not going to pretend that I never made fun of someone or I don’t know but maybe it’s time to realize that we are all different in a beautiful and unique way. Of course, the way we live doesn’t always please everyone but if we assume our choices then what’s wrong? I know it will never be easy to face the judgments of others but that’s life and it will always be like that. We will never be able to control what people say or think. But if we show them our scars, they’ll open them over again and we will become the victims of our personality.

So here’s my little advice for you: Assume your choices, be proud of yourself, let go on their judgments, open the door for happiness and design the life you love… – FRJB. ♡


Since a few days, here in Port-au-Prince, it’s raining and I love this weather so much! One day, I found this picture on the internet. It was the definition of a word: Pluviophile: (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. So I guess I’m a pluviophile or I don’t know. Anyways! I was in my room when I had the idea to write a post. When it’s raining I love to think and after the strange week that I had I felt like I needed to talk. If you’re a reader since the beginning of my blog, you know that I went through a difficult period at school maybe 3 years ago. I will not say that I’m fine now but I think that everything happens for a reason. So step by step, I’m trying to leave that behind me and now I want to use my ‘experience’ to help those in need. I remember before I was such a happy person, making jokes, doing crazy things and all that. I was normal, I guess. I will not say that I’m not this girl anymore. But the thing is that I’m afraid now. Yes, I’m afraid of everything. I’m afraid to trust, to let people come into my life, I’m afraid of being too happy knowing that one day, my happiness will fly away. Maybe that’s why I stay alone since a few days. When I decided to do that, I was like: “when you’re alone nobody can hurt you.” but actually when you’re alone YOU’RE hurting YOURSELF. How? Because when you’re alone that’s when you think, that’s when you cry because you feel like there’s something wrong with you or maybe that’s when you’re asking yourself: “what am I doing wrong? why they don’t talk to me anymore? they were not supposed to be my friends? why am I not happy like this girl?” and the list goes on! What I’m trying to say is that it’s your right to be sad but you can’t be sad all your life man. One day you have to get up and decide to stop all this. In Haiti, we never see how mental health is important. People will never understand why we’re sad. They will say: “you have a family, money, food, so why are you crying?” We cry because many things are not going well, because we feel that our life is difficult even though we know that some are having a harder life. But guys, life’s here. It’s not easy everyday but at the same time life is short and shorter if you don’t live it in the right way. So let’s make the best out of it. Here’s my post for you on a rainy sunday. – FRJB.♡




Today I wrote a “letter” from me to me, or the older version of me and I decided to share it with you -obviously- so let’s get started.

Hello 30 years old me,

Life is harder than you thought huh? But I’m sure everything will be fine. Maybe today is a big day for you, or maybe you’re just here, sitting on your couch watching Pretty Little Liars, I’m sure they found a way to make it to season 80 without telling people who’s -A. I hope you’re happy. Happy with your body, you’re soul and you’re life. Since 16 years old, you had an idea of what you wanted to do later: a pshychologist and a lawyer. What happened? Is that what you’re doing now? Yes, No? But you know, I don’t think it’s a big deal if the answer’s ‘No’ as long as you feel great about yourself and you have no regrets, as long as you gave everything that you had but unfortunately it didn’t work. I really hope you started your charity foundation, went to Greece and that you’ve done all the things on your bucket list because if it’s not the case you’ll have a lot of regrets I know that. Maybe today you have a big decision to make so whatever it is, go with your gut and put your entire heart in what you doing. It’s always for the best. I hope that you’re living your little life with God by your side and that you love him like never before. I hope you’re still into photography, you should be… Anyway, take care of yourself! Life is full of surprises, so be brave. I know some days you’re happy and sometimes you don’t feel great but remember “Everything is going to be OK at the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.” Live for you, not for others, they don’t even care. Be proud of what you became!

FROM: Fabiola, 17 years old                                                                                                   TO: Fabiola, 30 years old -or younger-

This letter’s not only for me. It’s for all of us. I don’t know about you but I’m scared of the future. Guys I’m not ready to leave my parents! Anyway I decided to write this letter that I’ll read again when I’ll be 30 or a little bit younger, just to compare my life now to my ‘future life’ and give me some advices in advance. I’m saying that this letter is for all of us because you can use what I said for YOU. Keep in mind that everything will be fine, that you have to try even if you’re scared because if you never try you’ll never know. Remember that the world is gonna judge you no matter what you do, so live your life the way you want to. Spend time with your friends, the real ones. The ones that are going to lift you higher. Life is beautiful. Appreciate it! What about you? What would you write on YOUR letter? Have a lovely day! – FRJB. ♡


large  large (2)

Long time no see guys, just because I had nothing to say I guess. But finally, one day, the sun shined on my brain and I had a little idea so I thought “why not?” Maybe it will be inspiring for some of you.

A couple days ago I started to think about my life and about some things that I would like to accomplish no matter what. So I took my phone and I started what some people call a ‘BUCKET LIST’. I chose 20 things that I really want to do and that I could share with you, so let’s get into it.

  1. Go to Greece: This is a country that has always fascinated me. There’s just no words to describe how I feel when I’m looking at pictures of Greece.
  2. Start a charity foundation
  3. Enter a good university
  4. Driving around in my car with no destination: I love adventure, visiting new places, being lost, spontaneous ect…
  5. Become a good photographer: I love photography sooo much. I love the fact that you can feel emotions because of a picture, the fact that you can keep a moment forever due to a single machine: a camera.
  6. Start enjoying the little things: Since my birthday I started to understand that little things are the things that have the most value.
  7. Have a better relationship with God
  8. Start a good blog
  9. Travel the world: Visit and appreciate all the countries one by one. Oh yes!
  10. Stop being so afraid and start living instead: Sometimes I’m afraid to do certain things because I’m always like: maybe THEY gonna think I’m weird, maybe THEY gonna think that’s stupid, maybe blahblahblah…and the list goes on
  11. Go to Coachella: Since 3 years I wanna go sooo bad (take notes, the one who promised he will take me)
  12.  Learn archery
  13. Write a book for those who suffer from bullying (at school or on the internet): I suffered from that at school and since that’s a cause that is close to my heart.
  14. Volunteer abroad
  15. Celebrate Holi in India
  16. See “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostand: I saw it the first time in France and I LOVED IT so obvioulsy I wanna see it again.
  17. Learn to surf in Bali
  18. Create a Travel Journal
  19. Help build an orphanage
  20. Discover my life’s purpose

What about you? What’s one YOUR bucket list? Have a nice day! – FRJB. ♡

*These pictures are not mine*